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This is a collection of my 2014 sketches right out of my sketchbook. I am offering it as a pay what you want for it. If it inspires you and feel it is worthy of a little cash then feel free to donate. If not no big deal I just ask if you take it for free please share this link with other people that would be interested. In my sketchbook I draw from robots to spaceships. It is not meant to be perfect but I use my sketchbooks as a learning opportunity so I make mistakes and try to learn from them as I move forward. I later will choose some of my rough ideas to polish them up later. You can see my initial raw ideas right from the start in this collection of sketches.  Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the sketchbook. Download link


  1. Steve

    You Sir, are an inspiration to me. I hope to someday create the kind of art that inspires others as well. And looking at your sketches is just what I need to get it going again. I love your style and your imagery. It is dynamic and hits my eyes like a freight train. Please keep up the AWESOMENESS.

    • Dwayne Vance

      Well thank you very much!

  2. Marshall Williams

    Your style is amazing. Kind of similar to some of my favorite artists who animate the Ratchet and Clank video games. They recommended I read Andrew Loomis to learn so I purchased Fun With A Pencil. What do you recommend?

    • Dwayne Vance

      Yes Loomis is very good for learning figure drawing. I mostly specialize in vehicle design and the best stuff for that is looking at mechanical things and figuring out how things work. Then when you draw man made objects they are believable. I also offer a couple of books that talk about drawing cars and some foundations you need to get started. You can click on the store icon on my website here to check them out. I also have a you tube channel and I have several tutorials on there. But keep up the hard work and best of luck to ya.


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