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My Name is Dwayne Vance and I own and operate MOCS, as an artist and designer I have had a passion for the automotive and industrial design industry.  I created “Masters of Chicken Scratch” to showcase various designers from around the world. I have mainly focused on hot rod design but will be branching out into the automotive, entertainment and industrial design industries. You might ask why the funny name?  It comes from when we were kids we loved to draw and it looked like “Chicken Scratch” then some of us have made a profession out of drawing so we have become masters at our trade so hence the name “Masters of Chicken Scratch”. We aim to bring back that feeling of old world ingenuity. To also inspire the next generation to be top notch designers. So I thank you for your time and hope you enjoy what MOCS is and will be bringing.
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  1. Patrick Ward

    I teach high school animation, architecture, and engineering. I found the concepts vehicles blogspot a few months ago but just noticed your link today. Poked around a little bit before the bell and must say I’m impressed with your drawings!

    Also totally cool and blown out of the water of your mentioning God on your page. Most people get pissy when they see religion on someones’ personal website. Keep the Faith and He will provide! I’m not a religious nut, just a fellow who believes in God himself.

    I’d like to start a dialogue if you have the time. We’re presently using CS3 but have been pretty much promised CS6 for next year. I’ve never heard of the program your using. Am interested in learning more somehow…both about the program as well as your techniques. I have no formal art training so it’s your call if you want to help a rookie. If not I totally understand. Time is difficult to use wisely in this mad, mad, mad world.

    Do you have anything posted on youtube? I’m always trying to find inspiration for my students (high school age) to keep them engrossed in class and I keep finding new, cool stuff like yours.

    Well, better let you go. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care and have a great day!
    Patrick Ward
    San Antonio, TX

  2. Larry Wood

    Dwane I’ve got a great idea got to talk to you !

  3. Larry Wood

    Dwane I’ve got a great idea, we’ve got to talk’

  4. Tom Maupin

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey and the bumps in the road. Your words spoke me as almost a conversation with the two of us. I am a 70 yr old guy who decided a few months ago to learn to draw. I hunted around for someone to teach me and found a faculty member at a nearby Indiana university. We meet once a week. I’ve done blind contour drawings until she said I was good enough to start gesture drawings, 30 a day. Oh, I also did three or 4 upside down drawings also. Anyway we’ve taken a break and I cannot get myself to start drawing human figure shapes beginning with stickmen/woman. So I do pencil drills.
    Yes I’ve suffered with depression many years. Zoloft has been a lifesaver and, like you, am now taking Vit. D. Sleep also helps as does exercise. I am grateful you mentioned God and your beliefs.
    Would you have any other drills to recommend, or tuts that are especially good? Thanks Mr. Vance. I hope to hear from you, if you have time.
    Tom Maupin
    Marion, IN.

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