Back into the Mix

Well I am back at it after taking some time off this past week. I unplugged for the most part and did not look at the digital world while I was gone.  Took  time to really focus on my family and have some fun. It was a great time to be refreshed and get prepared to take on some big tasks. I have a new tutorial series planned for Masters of Chicken Scratch blog along with some tutorials for an online learning community. I have also been talking with Wacom about doing some tutorials and using some of their really cool products. I will also be doing some more stuff with Corel Painter tutorials and webinars. So be looking for those in the near future. Currently working on two more books but no major dates as of yet for when those will be out. So thank you again for stopping by and I will keep you updated on events and thing going on. Then if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask. I will also announce the winner of an original sketch tomorrow so please come back. If you did not catch the earlier post about how to win an original sketch please visit measure your success and read how you can participate to possibly win an orginal sketch. There will be a winner every month.


  1. Sven Taapken

    Good morning Dwayne, Nice to have you back. I’m looking forward to the tutorials.

  2. Don Van Hoosen

    I really love your work a lot, and I hope your talets take you a long way because you deserve it. It is so great for you to be able to make a living off of something you are passionate about! You will always have my support, so if you ever need anything I can help you with, just let me know…

    Partner in Christ,
    Don Van Hoosen…

    • Dwayne Vance

      Thanks a lot bud! It is awesome to have your support.

  3. Tim

    The girls have been looking for you at Sprouts to ask you how the P-51 painting is progressing. Looking forward to it.

    • Dwayne Vance

      haha that is awesome

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