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Sketchbook launch

November 4, 2014 — 2 Comments


So here are all the nitty gritty details for the sketch book launch. This is in celebration of reaching 5000 followers on Facebook and reaching over 3000 on Instagram. So I thank you all for your support and I hope I have inspired, helped and motivated a few artist out there. I know myself have learned a lot from the community. So I truly thank God my friends, family and followers for their support. This past year and half has been a challenge since my battle with depression and all your support spurred me on. So as a thank you I am uploading my sketchbook for everyone to download. This sketchbook will be offered as a pay what you want for it. Including the price of free . Now if you feel the sketchbook has inspired you and you feel it is worth paying for you can donate any amount. If you don’t have the funds for it you can have it for free, I just ask that you do one thing for me, share it with others that will appreciate it . I would really like to launch a new entertainment vehicle book in the near future and this will help fund that project. I would also like to update my video recording equipment to do some more live videos for my Youtube channel. So thank you again and the sketchbook will launch on Nov 9th and I will put up the link.

With Respect

Dwayne Vance


Back into the Mix

August 30, 2012 — 5 Comments

Well I am back at it after taking some time off this past week. I unplugged for the most part and did not look at the digital world while I was gone.  Took  time to really focus on my family and have some fun. It was a great time to be refreshed and get prepared to take on some big tasks. I have a new tutorial series planned for Masters of Chicken Scratch blog along with some tutorials for an online learning community. I have also been talking Continue Reading…


This is a small sketch I did recently on my Ipod using a program called Brushes and my new Bamboo stylus from Wacom

Took me about 20mins to get it done. I used a reference shot of the 1909 Blitzen Benz (very cool race car)

I ask myself this question all the time. How do I stay ahead of the game in the design world. There are so many ways to approach this question. I know that as an artist and designer I never feel that I can say that Continue Reading…

Here is part 2 of my hot rod sketch in the Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2. I finish the process of walking you through my sketch process. I cover a several topics as Continue Reading…

Busy times

July 12, 2012 — 2 Comments

Modern version of a Cheetah race car

Been an extremely busy week. But all good stuff. So on another note I will be out at Comic Con over the weekend in San Diego Fri Sat and Sun from 21-2 in the Wacom booth. Come by and ask me questions or just Continue Reading…

Free artwork give away

June 28, 2012 — 47 Comments

These pieces of art are just a few pieces you can select from if you name is drawn. But you have to answer the questions below.

So I did put up a normal blog post today.  I wanted to ask a  few questions. I asked this question over on my Facebook page and want to hear from all of you from Continue Reading…

This is a video I did that is included in the Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2. I go through my Continue Reading…


So last week I posted a small simple exercise you can use to improve your sketching abilities. Here is another simple warm up you can do before stating your sketches. Again this is training your Continue Reading…