Busy times

Modern version of a Cheetah race car

Been an extremely busy week. But all good stuff. So on another note I will be out at Comic Con over the weekend in San Diego Fri Sat and Sun from 21-2 in the Wacom booth. Come by and ask me questions or just watch me draw and paint. I will also be demoing Painter 12 and Wacom’s killer hardware. I did make some more time to sketch in a few of the Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2 books. This sketch here is my take on a modern Cheetah race car design. This was done for Brian Smith in Canada, he pledged during my kickstarter campaign and this was part of his package. He is a huge Cheetah race car fan so I think he will be pleased. More tutorials coming down the road here. Thanks for your time and happy sketching.



  1. Arturo

    Wow!! nice mate!!
    I keep watching all your stuff day by day !
    Keep uploading please, I’m learning a lot from that unique style !

    • Dwayne Vance

      Thanks for your kind words!

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