Comic Con Ship 3


Here is the final ship I did while I was at Comic Con. Put several finishing touches on it in Painter 12 here at the office. While I was at Comic Con in the Wacom booth I was able to use their 24 HD Cintq. Boy I tell you what that thing was amazing, I have the 21 UX at the office and I love it. But the 24 HD has more pressure sensitivity and you can really tell. These monitors are getting closer to using actual media plus several benefits you get with using digital. So this was all done in Painter 12 using the 2b pencil. Then I did all the color using the thick and thin pen. It works amazing. I am also posting a quick pic of my pallete I used as well. This was downloaded from another artist by the name of SYCRA. If you go into his resource tab then scroll down and it is called “split complementary pallet”. What this does is forces you to work a more traditional when it comes to mixing your colors. Here is a video that explains the idea behind the split complimentary pallet. I did however add some creamy white to the mix to get some stronger highlights. I also went in with the glow brush afterwards to give a little more punch to the highlighted areas. If you have any questions about my process let me know in the comment section below this post. Thanks again for all your support out there.



  1. Sven Taapken

    G’morning Dwayne,

    I’m taking a look at your marvellous spacecraft over my morning cup of coffee. I like that you’ve included some of the work up again, and the pallet that you’ve chosen to paint with. That sort of stuff is so important and really helps me to understand the whole process leading up to the finished work. It’s the minor details like leaving a representation of a person beside the vessel to give the viewer a sense of scale that I can appreciate.

    Thanks for referring to the artist SYCRA and the video too. Some wonderful concept art to be seen there and great reference material.

    Lovely work. Have a great day mate.


  2. Frank Grau

    Hey, Dwayne — Cool sketch!

    I wish I’d known you were at the Con. I would’ve dropped by the Wacom booth to say “hi”. Next year, if you go again, I’ll definitely drop in. I hope all is well.

    • Dwayne Vance

      Yea that would have been cool! I find out very last minute on that stuff. I did post it on my Facebook page. I will be presenting at SIGGRAPH in a week for 2 hrs a day. I will be in the SIGGAPH theater. So stop by.


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