Comic Con Spaceship Fun


So I was honored to be in the Wacom booth again this year at Comic con representing Painter and Wacom both. I demonstrated the new 24HD touch monitor along with Painter 12.2 and man it was amazing. You can pan, zoom and rotate your page all at the same time. As I sketch I am able to turn the page with my fingers just like an Ipad and makes it really quick for the work flow. So this ship is one of three ships I completed while I was there. I did spend a little time at home refining a few things and adding more details. I completed the whole thing in Painter 12.2. I only used 3 brushes total to complete the ship. The brushes I used were the 2b pencil, Thick and Thin Pen and the Glow brush at the end to create some hot spots on a few of the areas on the ship. This was kind of a new process for me to play with and I really enjoyed it. I also experimented with a new pallet called a split complementary pallet. So I mixed most of my colors that went into painting this ship more like using traditional materials. Then I did add a creamy white and a bright orange at the end to get a little more range. I really enjoyed working this way. There are a couple artist that I combined their methods to go through this process. An artist by the name of Sycra had some great advice on using the split complementary pallet. Then I used another artist by the name of Sinix techniques for the Thick and Thin pen . It created a more hand painted look for the final result.


  1. John P Garrett

    Who says Funny Cars can’t be in space? Amazing painting, Dwayne!


  2. diego

    very nice,I opened each drawing in a new tab to see the evolution…

  3. Sven Taapken

    I like seeing the progression in your work from line drawing to finished and rendered piece. Thanks for sharing.


    • Lee S.

      A beautiful sleek vehicle. I can picture it in the “Star Wars” prequels.

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