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Drawing Sweeps

October 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have used automotive sweeps for a long time to clean up my final drawings. I even use them on my digital equipment now. I have used them so much I had a few of them break after so much use. So I wanted to find a way to make another set for myself, I did that and I decided to share them with everybody in the design and art world. They have several various curves that help with your final sketches for product, automotive and concept design.  They work great with all digital products like the iPad and Cintiq monitors and actually increase your workflow speed. If you would like a set please go to my online store and get your pre-order in now and they will be shipped out the week of 10-22-18. I am knocking off $5 if you order them before I have full stock on 10-22-18. Buy your Drawing Sweeps here

Taking on Freelance

September 7, 2018 — Leave a comment

So recently I was asked to leave Fly Racing because they did not want to keep developing as much product. So on that note, I have decided to open my freelance business back up and take on projects. I have created a very small sampling of products I have done through the years. I have designed for several major companies and have done a wide variety of design work. If you’re interested in working with me please send me an email and I will get in contact with you to discuss your design needs.

Measure your success

August 6, 2012 — 33 Comments


The sketches I have here is just one of the many sketches I have been sketching for the MOCS Vol 2 book.

Measuring your success. I think is is one thing I constantly focus on and I actually don’t like that. How do we really measure our success? I have made it when I get Continue Reading…

Comic Con Ship 3

July 25, 2012 — 4 Comments


Here is the final ship I did while I was at Comic Con. Put several finishing touches on it in Painter 12 here at the office. While I was at Comic Con in the Wacom booth I was able to use their 24 HD Cintq. Boy I tell you what that thing was amazing, I have the Continue Reading…


Well I truly thank you for everyone’s feedback on my blog from the three questions I asked. This is a video based on your comments of leaving it Continue Reading…


This is a tutorial that explains how to hold your wrist when you are sketching. It is very common when people first start to draw they will use their wrist and draw scratchy lines. To get good quality lines you need to Continue Reading…

Car Craft Radio

June 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

I was honored to spend some time with Steve Strope and The Editor of Car Craft magazine Jeff Smith. We were on Car Craft Radio talking about the Masters of Chicken Scratch book series. So the guys that were there were Tom Fritz, Chris Brown, Eric Tscherne and myself Dwayne Vance. We tell a little about our different Continue Reading…

Sketching Ellipses “Gettin your wheels right”

Ellipse Sketches

Ellipse Sketches



So this starts to get a little more difficult . Now we will try some ellipses. This is the foundation for drawing cars. Wheels are used for stance and proportion. If your wheels are Continue Reading…

This is a quick sketch out of my sketch book and is the result of committing to yes I am going to do it, not try to do it.

As any creative we get extremely busy at times and can get overwhelmed. One thing I have started to practice is removing the word “Try” from my vocabulary. By doing this Continue Reading…