“Don’t “Try” anymore

This is a quick sketch out of my sketch book and is the result of committing to yes I am going to do it, not try to do it.

As any creative we get extremely busy at times and can get overwhelmed. One thing I have started to practice is removing the word “Try” from my vocabulary. By doing this you either tell people NO or Yes. It forces me to make a commitment and stick to my word. It is also freeing when I can tell someone No at the time.You can phrase this in a nice way without offending anybody obviously. I started to realize when I tell someone that I will “try” to get it done it gave me an open end, and I personally was not committed to it. So I started forcing myself to answer yes or no to a commitment. Not only will it help your own state of mind but the person at the other end will know what your plan is. Then if you answered yes you will be forced to make it happen. So next time you think you need to use the word “try” replace it with a “yes” or “no”. I promise it will change the way you think and it will help you complete task and get stuff done. Happy Sketching

Dwayne Vance

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  1. Brian Anker

    Great advice, I will be doing this from now on (notice I didn’t say try to do!)

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