5 Window Fury

I just finished up a sketch from a show I was at last week. So I decided it would look good as a print. I call this one “5 Window Fury”. It is some type of Bonneville type race car. It is loosely based on an old salt flat car and the front end is narrowed dramatically. So a little bit of my technique on this car was to mix traditional and digital materials. First I drew the car on paper with a pencil.

Original Sketch

I scanned in my sketch and took it into Painter 12 and filled in some of the dark and light values. added some digital textures from different brushes I have created.

 Printed it out and used some water color, markers and gouache on it. For those who do not know what gouache is, it is like an opaque water color. I mostly used white gouache for the highlights. Then re scanned it back into the computer and made it into a final print. You can see all my different steps here I went through to produce the “5 window Fury”. For the print version I still went with the version I did in Painter 12. I felt the Car stood out more and when you print it it will not pick up the white from the  Gouache. I have really come to love working back and fourth between traditional and digital. It allows that hand feel to remain in the final piece but adds some of the speed of using digital. So “5 window Fury” is now available in the store if you want to stop by to check it out. It is also available at the Petersen Automotive Museum. So thanks for stopping by and Happy Sketching to everyone.

Dwayne Vance


  1. Sven

    Hi Dwayne, just thought that I’d break the silence. I love your work mate…It’s ‘gritty’.

    • Dwayne Vance

      Thanks Sven!

  2. Francesco

    I just discovered your works, and as a designer student this is the kind of inspiration I need right now.
    It just makes me work hard, sketch and learn, so maybe one day I’ll find my place in the automotive industry, as you did.
    Thank you.

    • Dwayne Vance


      Thanks for your comment and I am glad it is helping you out! Best of luck with all your studies.

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