Jay Leno Interview

So I was truly honored to be asked by Jay Leno to be on his book club on his website. He had picked up my book at Auto Aero books in Glendale Ca and actually gave me a call. I was obviously very shocked at the fact he called me about my book and thought at first it was somebody playing a joke on me. Then in the message he mentioned that I needed to call his producer so then I knew it was probably legit. So I gave his producer a call and we set up a time to go in and do the interview. They invited me to Jay Leno’s garage and it was pretty amazing to say the least.



  1. jonsibal

    That’s great. Congrats brotha. Well deserve!!

  2. Jonas Lauerbach

    Hey there, I’m really happy for you, especially considerating that you’re just getting out of the big black hole of creative depression. I think that shows you how great is the work you are doing and should you a real push up!
    I mean, Jay Leno was pretty impressed, and I think that’s not an easy thing to do 🙂

    Keep up your good work, I’m happy to hear there will be a Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 3!

    Thanks for the inspiration, best regards from germany,


  3. Joseph Nguyen

    Hi, congratulation Sir! I have been following your post and tutorials for a while now. Really like style. You are the inspiration for us all, not only you have the god given talents but also the deeper emotions that we all have to go through one at some points, especially after reading your post on ” Creative Emotion”. Thank you.

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