The Salt Flats will never be the same

HotROdShip4 (3)Flt2Small2

This is the final image that was produced from my sketch in my sketchbook. The stuff I used to create this final digital image was Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop.



These sketches were done in my Strathmore toned grey sketch and drawn with a Rotring mechanical pencil and a Pentel Brush pen. Then I added the white highlights with a Uni Posca white pen.


This is the in between stage after I scanned in the sketch I liked and started to add in textures with Adobe Photoshop. Then went in to paint stuff in with Corel Painter. Obviously this was inspired by hot rods and they area  huge inspiration in everything I draw. I love combining old world technology with modern and even sci fi tech to my designs.

I have also been pushing myself to implement characters into my vehicle design lately. My character work has never been strong but I am putting more emphasis on it lately. I feel the character adds story to the vehicle plus adds scale. In fact one of my goals this year is to get better at characters so I started a separate sketchbook to practice my character work. I still suck at them but getting better as I draw each one, lol. Anyways back to the image. This type of stuff is so fun to draw because it takes me away from my real world of production all the time. This stuff also plays a huge part in my creativity for production stuff. So if you have read this far please feel free to ask any questions and if you want to find me anywhere else on the web please look at the top right hand corner of my website and you can find all the icons of places I am at. So please like subscribe and friend me, take care.



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  1. Dave

    Way killer as usual bro! Always look forward to see what you come up with next!!

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