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This is a tutorial that explains how to hold your wrist when you are sketching. It is very common when people first start to draw they will use their wrist and draw scratchy lines. To get good quality lines you need to hold your wrist stiff and draw with your arm. You can see in the video how I keep my wrist stiff and I can create solid confident lines. You will also want to hold the pencil lightly, don’t press hard against the paper. As you work through your line work you will gradually make your lines darker. This helps with figuring out your proportions and figuring out your design. Then go back and darken the lines you feel are the best. If you do it this way you will hardly ever use an eraser. I do want to emphasis that this is a design style way to draw. Illustrators will hold the pencil in a different  style. They tend build up lines to form mass. Designers draw with line. I will go more into detail later on this subject. For now enjoy the tutorial and go practice you sketching exercises. Happy Sketching. Feel free to ask me any questions or have an comments.

Improve your sketches

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  1. John P Garrett

    Thanks Dwayne!

    Also I learned from another designer (Scott Robertson) and notice you do it as well, to ghost the line before actually putting the pencil to paper. I find it really helps.

    • Dwayne Vance

      LOL Scott Robertson was one of my teachers as well. The way I sketch is mostly from his training.

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