Scratchin and Sketchin part 1


Well I truly thank you for everyone’s feedback on my blog from the three questions I asked. This is a video based on your comments of leaving it at normal speed. So this sketch in total is about 57 min. I split it up into 2 parts so come back for more. So through this process of my sketch I talk about several things from how I fix my mistakes to indication of details. Then I go over using ellipse templates and several other things along the process of my sketch. Then if you have any comments please let me know.


on a side note I am also including a link to some ellipse templates for sale on Amazon. It is using my link so if you purchase them I will get a small percentage of the sale.  Then any money I make from this and my you tube advertising will be going to new video equipment to capture a better quality video. Just wanted to let you all know that. Being up front and honest plus letting you know I will be reinvesting into the blog.

Ellipse Templates


  1. Hasan

    Thanks for sharing this valuable tutorial, I will post my practice soon!

  2. Seb Gaidin

    Hello! This tutorial is very nice, really makes me want to try 🙂 Your work is amazing!

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