Drawing Hot Rods for Kids


So I got the opportunity to teach a kids art class last week and I had a blast doing it. My Kids are involved with an art program here in Corona at the Corona Heritage Park. Linda Cooper is the teacher and she does an amazing job with the kids.  So she asked if I would be willing to stop by and give a lesson to the kids.  So I thought to myself “are you crazy”. After processing the fact I would be teaching kids I though Ok I like challenges and I took it on. I decided to have the kids draw a toy Hot Rod made out of blocks. I tell ya I underestimated their skills and abilities. Three of my kids were part of the group and it was funny to watch how much they really do pay attention to what I draw. The side view was first and I explained how to take your side view and make it into a three quarter view. After drawing the final three quarter view I had the kids customize it from there. So they went to town and did an amazing  job. I had to laugh at my daughter because she put carb stacks coming out of the hood right away without me even drawing that yet. The other kids added pipes, flames and other various engine parts that amake up a cool hot rod. To say the least I had a great time doing this and the class even went longer than anticipated. It is always great to see a kids art and thier passion behind it. One of the girls had mentioned that she never thought she would be able to draw a hot rod.  Here are some of the examples down below. If you are interested in Linda Coopers class for your kids please visit the Corona’s Monart website for more info. The kids here range from 6-11 yrs of age. Thanks for the opertunity to come in and share with the kids and look forward to more in the future.

Dwayne Vance


  1. Sven Taapken

    It looks as though you and the kids had some fun at school :-{D}
    They’ve done a great job with their hot rods, they get the gist of it huh..!?

    Well done.

    Have a good day mate.

  2. Linda Cooper

    Wow Dwayne this is awesome… the kids loved this class and you taught it like you’ve been doing it for years. The kids hung on your every word and learned some practical techniques. Thank you for being our guest AUTHOR and celebrity !!!

  3. Brett

    Those are excellent. The drawings are really good. I especially love–and I’m being completely serious–the spaceship and the gravestones. There’s a lot of personality there.

  4. Terri

    It was a GREAT class! My kids loved it, thanks so much for taking the time to inspire the next generation.

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