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Recently I had a Lego fan by the name of Harald Christ recently ask me if he could use one of my ships as inspiration for a Lego model. I said of course and I was amazed at how fast he got it done. He captured the ship very well and I would love to see it in physical Lego’s. Harald used a Lego building program called MLCad and and LDView to make the images. In the past I have tried the Lego Builder program but for some reason my mind just could not think in Lego’s So I am astounded on some the stuff people build. Harald is from Australia and has a passion for building cool things with Lego’s and if you would like to see more of his stuff you can visit his Flickr account.


  1. Harald

    Cool! Thanks for the write up Dwayne! 🙂 Did you do some editing to the images? They look softer than i remember.

    • Dwayne Vance

      yea no problem bud. Yea I tweaked the color a little.

  2. Ken Morris Jr

    Awesome designs…love your website/blog….

  3. Howard Norup

    …graphic designer for over 25 years, transportation design major at Art Center early 70s, incredibly talented artist/designers in your books! Looking forward to volume 3… and 4… and 5…

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