Inspirational books for Designers and Artist

In this post I am going to share a few things I use to inspire myself as artist and entrepreneur. So as a business owner I use many tools to really help inspire me and keep me motivated to carry on. I try to go beyond the art and design books. As a Christian one of the most important things I do is read the Bible. Just voicing my concerns and my praises to God can make a huge difference in my day along with reading the Bible. In Proverbs there are many great business practices to apply to your daily work routine. I also read or listen to a lot of business development books. Some of the books I have read recently is “the Dip” by Seth Godin overcoming rough spots along your path, “Made to stick” is about things you remember and why is is that, “Entreleadership” by Dave Ramsey great book on really focusing on becoming a great leader not only in business but in life, “Uncertainty” by Jonathan Fields this is about setting high goals and over coming the fears of making it a reality. “Platform” by Micheal Hyatt this gives really good strategies on making a presence online. Probably one of the more famous books by Seth Godin “Tribes” This talks about the power of a tribe and how to create your tribe that will follow you. Now some of these books I have read but others I have the audio version. I have a hard time reading books but I am getting better at it. So I listen to the books while i am working or traveling and I take lots of notes. Then I will later go back and listen to them again after awhile to refresh my self on the different subjects. I also follow several entrepreneur blogs and I will cover those at a later date. I posted all the links below for all the books I mentioned here and I have received great info out of every book. They all contain very valuable info and as a designer I try to reach beyond just the art books. Although those are important to to keep your skills up and see what other artist are doing. So these are a few of my suggestions and I would love to hear what maybe a few of you are reading or listening to.






  1. Aaron Wright

    Hi Dwayne,

    Nice selection of books you have here. A few books I recommend to anyone who is into entrepreneurship are:
    The E-Myth Revisited – Describes how to view your business as a system that you work on, rather than a job that you work in.
    Losing My Virginity – The story of how Richard Branson built the Virgin Empire, as well as some amusing stories from his personal life.
    It’s A Jungle In There – A great selection of lessons from Steven Schussler, the founder of the Rainforest Cafe.

    Also, I want to comment you on your site. It looks amazing. I love it.


  2. Jeff Stone

    This has been a great read so far and its free.

  3. Sven Taapken

    Good morning Dwayne. Your site is looking great mate…
    Have a great day.

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