MOCS Vol 2 Book out now

These are just a few pics of the Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 2 book that is available now in the MOCS Store. A little info about the book, it is over 150 pages of amazing full color hot rod art. Don’t think this book just stops at hot rod art, it is full of everything from automotive design to entertainment design. All of the artist featured in here come

from diffrent backgrounds. Like Jeff Norwell, did you know that he works as a freelance artist mostly in the storyboard industry. His work is top notch and it shows in his hot rod art. Then you have Christian Pierce from New Zealand and he is an concept artist from WETA. If you don’t know what WETA is they are the concept studio that is famous for all the concept work for Lord of the Rings and now the soon to be The Hobit movie coming out. They have also worked on several other movies. Eric Black is a professional Architect by trade and he has moved into more hot rod design, amazing talent. John Frye is a full time designer for Honda North America and he draws some pretty mean hot rod designs.  Myself Dwayne Vance I was a full time designer at Troy Lee Designs in the motosports industry then moved to Mattel Hot Wheels as a senior designer. So more than likely if you or your kids have hot wheels you might have something I designed. These are just a few of the stories of the artist featured in the book. Then to add to the amazing content, it comes with a 2hr dvd that shows my process from sketch to rendering. I talk about different techniques I use and different programs I use to finish my designs. Happy Sketching to everyone


  1. Doug Parry

    These are some really cool drawings!

  2. Steve Valline

    I have both volumes of MOC. I LOVE them. They inspire me to create cool things. I love your style of sketching and painting.

    I was looking online for an awesome 2015 calendar and I was hoping you were selling one featuring your art or a collection of MOC artists. Any plans for a calendar?

    I’m hoping to meet you in the near future and ask you to sign my copies of Vol 1 & 2.


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