Russian Attack

I kinda laughed when I did the title just because of the old video game nostalgia, “one of my favorite games of the past”. But hey on another note this is another piece I worked on for a new book that I and John Frye are currently putting together. It is a book that is nothing but vehicle designs everything from air to sea. This certain piece is based on an old Russian mig. Very cool looking plane to start with. So our brief for this project was to come up with a fictional design that never existed but using the old WWII styling. Look for more updates on this book and it will be featured on Kickstarter again in the near future. Happy Sketching to everyone.

Dwayne Vance


  1. Ben

    Awesome design – the MIG 3 is one of my favourite warbirds of all time! incredible lines and proportions.
    Great Sketch, will you do many more in this retro-futuristic theme?

    • Dwayne Vance

      Oh yes I will. I already have more in the works.

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