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Major blowout sale in store

September 30, 2016 — 1 Comment

All prices have been reduced in my online store. Books 65% off, T-shirts and packages all reduced to move.

Masters of Chicken Scratch store



Masters of Chicken Scratch Store

Big Sale at Online Store

November 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

T-shirts and Books all on sale now until the end of December


Books are 50% off. Use the code FAVORITEFAN on book purchases.


Masters Mega Pack has already been discounted.  Now $70 Normally $110


Custom Sketch book package is now $80 normally $100


T-Shirts are $18.00 normally $22.00


I am doing this to make room for future projects and to clear out my inventory of books. Once they are sold out they will never exist again. I don’t have a lot left so if your interested you better grab them now. Thanks again for all your support.


sincerely Dwayne Vance

Black Friday Deal

November 28, 2014 — Leave a comment


I am running a special in my store for 20% off on everything until Dec 11th. There are prints, books, t-shirts, stickers and patches all in the store so I am sure you can find something that will make you look cool as a gift giver 🙂 Just enter the code MOCSNOV at checkout and you will receive 20% off your entire purchase. Here is the link to the store 


Sketchbook launch

November 4, 2014 — 2 Comments


So here are all the nitty gritty details for the sketch book launch. This is in celebration of reaching 5000 followers on Facebook and reaching over 3000 on Instagram. So I thank you all for your support and I hope I have inspired, helped and motivated a few artist out there. I know myself have learned a lot from the community. So I truly thank God my friends, family and followers for their support. This past year and half has been a challenge since my battle with depression and all your support spurred me on. So as a thank you I am uploading my sketchbook for everyone to download. This sketchbook will be offered as a pay what you want for it. Including the price of free . Now if you feel the sketchbook has inspired you and you feel it is worth paying for you can donate any amount. If you don’t have the funds for it you can have it for free, I just ask that you do one thing for me, share it with others that will appreciate it . I would really like to launch a new entertainment vehicle book in the near future and this will help fund that project. I would also like to update my video recording equipment to do some more live videos for my Youtube channel. So thank you again and the sketchbook will launch on Nov 9th and I will put up the link.

With Respect

Dwayne Vance


HotROdShip4 (3)Flt2Small2

This is the final image that was produced from my sketch in my sketchbook. The stuff I used to create this final digital image was Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop.



These sketches were done in my Strathmore toned grey sketch and drawn with a Rotring mechanical pencil and a Pentel Brush pen. Then I added the white highlights with a Uni Posca white pen.


This is the in between stage after I scanned in the sketch I liked and started to add in textures with Adobe Photoshop. Then went in to paint stuff in with Corel Painter. Obviously this was inspired by hot rods and they area  huge inspiration in everything I draw. I love combining old world technology with modern and even sci fi tech to my designs.

I have also been pushing myself to implement characters into my vehicle design lately. My character work has never been strong but I am putting more emphasis on it lately. I feel the character adds story to the vehicle plus adds scale. In fact one of my goals this year is to get better at characters so I started a separate sketchbook to practice my character work. I still suck at them but getting better as I draw each one, lol. Anyways back to the image. This type of stuff is so fun to draw because it takes me away from my real world of production all the time. This stuff also plays a huge part in my creativity for production stuff. So if you have read this far please feel free to ask any questions and if you want to find me anywhere else on the web please look at the top right hand corner of my website and you can find all the icons of places I am at. So please like subscribe and friend me, take care.



So I posted the Thruster Cycle just recently and I felt good about it.  After examining and looking at it I felt it needed a little more work. I got a little excited about what I was doing, but I did not stop to evaluate my layout. This post is how I went about self critiquing to make this a better piece. My point to this post is not only to push myself to improve, but to show others how to look at your own work and critique it yourself. It is very valuable to ask other people about your work, but you need to ask people that can give you good feedback. Don’t look for the friend or family member that is going to tell you it looks cool.

When I first approached the digital painting again I tried to treat it as if I had never seen it before. As if someone came to me and said “how would you improve this?” So I started checking my perspective and my background image. I put some notes on my original image so I can go back and take a look at each area of the image.   To check my perspective I made my two vanishing points in Photoshop.  Here are a couple images below showing how I corrected my perspective. Perspective is really a key element in making man made objects look solid and grounded. It can be tedious and boring but once you understand it, it will improve you work tremendously. It is a foundational skill that will make your work look more confident and grounded.


So to start I looked at my image and made a few quick notes. I was critical on the image and highlighted areas I felt were not working. Then asked myself why I felt they were not working. Took notes and started to address problems I could see. I went back to my original sketch and started to take care of the perspective issues. Some of the things could be left alone but I felt they weakened the design a bit. The main area I felt was weak was the back side of the engine as it drooped down in the back. Then the ground shadow under the bike was out of perspective. I did not use that final shadow in the final piece but it does set up my initial drawing and it was off.


This image below is how I set up my perspective grid to fix my original sketch. Yes I should have done this in the first place, haha but hey i got a little excited.


Here is the image after I corrected the perspective issues



Now you can see after I fixed a few issues with the initial sketch it makes a more solid design. For the next post I will try a different rendering method and share that in part 2. If you have anything to add or any questions fill free to ask in comments below. Or you can visit my facebook page and ask me questions there. So keep drawing and learning, and if you dug this short tutorial please share it with others out there. With respect Dwayne Vance

Thruster Cycle

March 28, 2014 — Leave a comment


Well first of all welcome back to my blog if you haven’t been here in a while. Time to start posting stuff again. If it is your first time welcome and please browse around.  I offer several free tutorial videos and prints, books and t-shirts in the store.

I was honored to get to teach at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena recently for the vehicle design class taught by John Frye. I showed a few of my techniques in Photoshop, Painter and talked about working in the design industry. I do really enjoy teaching and I think I learn a lot myself when I do that. This concept is based on a series of flying motorcycles I had been drawing in my sketchbook. Then I used a robot to pilot the cycle because I have been doing an Instagram challenge another artist had set. His name is Dacosta Bayley and he is promoting his book called March of Robots on kickstarter. So I thought why not I love robots too, you can flip through my Instagram @dwaynevance account and see all the robots I have been drawing. So I thought I would share my new image and get my blog fired back up. Go through the gallery section of this post and you will see all my thumbnail sketches and several steps leading up to the final piece.  Thanks for stopping by.







Jay Leno Interview

March 20, 2013 — 3 Comments

So I was truly honored to be asked by Jay Leno to be on his book club on his website. He had picked up my book at Auto Aero books in Glendale Ca and actually gave me a call. I was obviously very shocked at the fact he called me about my book and thought at first it was somebody playing a joke on me. Then in the message he mentioned that I needed to call his producer so then I knew it was probably legit. So I gave his producer a call and we set up a time to go in and do the interview. They invited me to Jay Leno’s garage and it was pretty amazing to say the least.


Planes of Fame

February 19, 2013 — Leave a comment
Planes of Fame

Planes of Fame

Went out to the Planes of Fame museum recently and took a few pics. They have all kinds of fighter planes  from WWI era to Vietnam along with a few other things in the mix. Most of the planes at the museum are

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